Get detailed information about the pictures in your device's photo library with Lab!

Using Lab you don't need to transfer your photos to a computer to find out details about your own photo library. Sporting a gorgeous design, Lab is the perfect complement to your iPhone's photo album.

Lab lets you quickly find the pictures you are looking for: you can view the photos in a particular album, or you can see all your photos sorted by time or classified by location. The timeline view allows you to focus on the point in time you are interested in, so it is great to find events such as birthday photos. The location view shows your photos grouped by location on an interactive map - as you enlarge it or move it around, it will show the photos in the vicinity of the area displayed.

If you use iPhoto in your Mac and sync your photos with it, Lab will also allow you to see your photos organized by Events or Faces.

Lab is available through the App Store in iTunes and your device.

    • Let Lab remind you when and where a picture was shot.
    • Find out the size and resolution of your photos.
    • See the location where your picture was shot displayed in a map.
    • Examine advanced info including histogram, exposure and shooting details, right in your device.
Version 2.0 - 12/02/14
iOS 8+ required


"Lab tells you everything you want to know about a picture, and it does it with a gorgeous interface."


"The interface is nice and clean, and the app reliably yanks out as much photo information as can be expected."